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Top 10 business apps

|Jun 12|magazine10 min read



1. Dropbox

The smartphone has arguably reached the point of ubiquity, the iPhone has become one of, if not the cultural icon of our times and has far transcended use as a mere phone, instead evolving into an essential lifestyle tool from which we conduct all of our professional and personal communications across a range of mediums.

There has been much debate about cloud storage and cloud computing recently, with many concerns raised over privacy. With physical space on mobile devices at a premium however, anything which means preserving precious internal memory is a godsend. Sparing internal phone memory however isn’t Dropbox’s party trick.

The ability to save a view files ‘in the cloud’ means that clumsy and easy to lose/damage portable hard drives and USB sticks are rendered useless, it also spells the end of emailing yourself stuff. Dropbox is one of the most elegant cloud-storage solutions around with a slick interface and competitive pricing plan (though the free version should be sufficient for most).

2. Gmail

Ok, so email might be archaic now compared to the fashionable and near instantaneous exchanges facilities by the likes of Twitter and SMS but we can’t live without email when it comes to work. The Gmail app is the perfect complement to the online desktop version, updating quick and being easy to operate on the go.

3. Evernote

Ever thought notepad apps on your phone were lacking a little something? Enter Evernote; the app that helps you remember everything. Throw login details, phone numbers, photos and web pages in here for later reference and this thought suppository organises your ‘notes’ into easily locatable categories.

4. LinkedIn

Want to connect with colleagues, industry figures or even search or new jobs on the sly? LinkedIn is the most established professional social networking tool in the world, and the mobile app has all the usability of the main site.

5. Documents to Go

If you thought Microsoft Office Suite products were limited to Microsoft hardware then think again, Documents to Go is an app that offers Word, Excel and PowerPoint functionality on all the major smart phone platforms including Android and iPhone. The app allows the viewing, creation and editing of Office Suite documents.

6. Meeting Map

You may not have heard of Meeting Map before but this handy app solves a long standing problem for busy professionals who meet potentially dozens of different clients and stakeholders every week. The app allows users to record the names of people and where they were sat during meetings.

7. Track My Mileage

Do a lot of travelling for your job, find it a pain to track the distance you’ve covered so you and accurately claim expenses for fuel or rail fares? This app does just what it says on the tin, meaning you can go to HR with your precise mileage figure.

8. Locale

Is there anything more embarrassing than your phone going off in the middle of an important meeting? Probably not. Locale lets you change the settings on your phone depending on your location, meaning you can make silent mode automatically activate when you’re in the office.

9. WhosHere

If you regularly use local freelancers in your business then this app is invaluable. Search for nearby freelancers in your niche, send out a request and you’ll be able to call or text anyone that replies.

10. Urban Spoon

Business isn’t all about work, in fact in some industries, schmoozing with clients is just as important as sitting down and crunching numbers. If you want to impress existing or potential partners, food and drink are more often than not the way to their heart, so find a great local restaurant or bar with the Urban Spoon app.



Joe is a technology enthusiast and has an Android phone stacked full of apps. He doesn’t just use business apps however, he’s also a big fan of travel apps and he’ll no doubt be using some when he goes on his upcoming Tenerife holidays