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VIDEO: SNCF and Google add French train stations to Street View

|Jun 16|magazine3 min read

French rail operator SNCF is teaming up with Google Maps to add French rail stations to Street View.

Billed as “one of the largest partnerships for digitisation transportation sites” by Nick Leeder, chief executive of Google France, the two parties plan to develop indoor station maps of 3,000 stations by 2017.

Users can already see 33 stations on Maps and Street View, handy for those travelling to France for the European Football Championships.

SNCF wants to have a further 160 stations fully mapped in 3D by the end of this year in order to help visitors navigate its stations.

The process for mapping places on Street View usually involves cameras being hoisted above cars. Train stations present a slightly different challenge, with cameras having to be attached to rigs, trolleys or attached to cameramen walking around the location.

Watch the video below (in French) to get an idea of how this will work.

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