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National Bank of Kuwait turns to Dell EMC to bolster storage infrastructure

|May 15|magazine4 min read

The National Bank of Kuwait continues to be an early adopter of cutting edge technologies following the announcement of a major partnership with Dell EMC, the international provider of cloud, big-data and data center solutions. 

The first indigenous bank of the state of Kuwait announced that Dell EMC will deploy all of the company’s flash storage technologies to redefine the company’s storage infrastructure.

Through reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) technology, Dell EMC will improve the storage efficiency of NBK as well as simplifying the management of said storage.

The agreement will also see the integration of Dell EMC's Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM) technology, which is designed specifically to streamline data mobility between storage systems on hosted applications.

Nikolaos Sfikas, Group Head of IT at National Bank of Kuwait, said: "We're pleased to have selected Dell EMC as our trusted partner and proud to showcase an advanced, resilient environment that is designed to provision the efficiency, agility and performance required to power our business operations and growth strategy."

He added: "Dell EMC's VMAX3 All Flash Array (AFA) has resulted in significantly improved performance of both mission critical applications and storage systems. Most importantly, the new environment brings tighter control and integration, creating a powerful and safe environment for both NBK employees and customers."

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