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Hamburg Port Authority to test 5G on site with Deutsche Telekom and Nokia

Johan De Mulder
|Feb 2|magazine4 min read

Hamburg Port Authority has joined forces with Deutsche Telekom and Nokia to test 5G applications at the Port of Hamburg.

The Authority has commissioned an 8000-hectare area at the port where it will use a 5G network for the testing of applications that will help with data gathering, infrastructure monitoring and traffic light management.

Deutsche Telekom and Nokia will use dedicated virtual networks, called 'network slices', to manage each application. Network slicing helps networks adapt to individual applications while maintaining one single infrastructure.

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The Port of Hamburg is Germany's largest port and widely recognised as the country's 'Gateway to the World'. 9,000 vessels pass through its terminals every year, while it also has value as a tourist attraction in the city.

"5G offers a level of security, reliability and speed never seen before in mobile networks," said Jens Meier, CEO of the Hamburg Port Authority.

"HPA is opening up completely new use cases. We can start gathering experience of this cutting-edge technology right now and shape the standard. This is going to benefit the whole City of Hamburg, not just the port."