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Deloitte Digital's Digital DNA Summit in Amsterdam sees innovators gather

Johan De Mulder
|Oct 2|magazine5 min read

Leading innovators in the digital transformation of businesses gathered at Deloitte Digital's Digital DNA Summit held in Amsterdam last week.

Hosted at the Kromhouthal, the summit brought together some of the world's foremost thinkers on digital strategy and leadership.

Speakers shared views on how companies can 'rewire' their operations for the digital age by transforming both external and internal structures and processes through innovation.

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Deloitte has also published a supplementary report designed 'to help company's assess their digital maturity levels', highlighting three areas of focus for transforming digital practice: leadership, talent and organisational design.

It presents case studies of forward-thinking companies relevant to each area, including the likes of Valve, Alliance Boots and British Airways. To read the report in full, click here

Speakers at the event included Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at Amazon, and Kevin Nolan, President & CEO of GE Appliances.