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Carrefour debuts blockchain in its supply chain as part of transformation plan

Johan De Mulder
|Mar 7|magazine5 min read

Carrefour has launched what it's calling 'Europe's first food blockchain' in a transformational move for its supply chain.

The French retailer is to introduce blockchain technology to eight of its product lines by the end of 2018 after a successful implementation for its free-range Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne chickens.

Its system offers consumers full traceability on the products, fulfilling the demand for transparency and giving breeders a means to showcase their expertise.

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In January Carrefour revealed 'Carrefour 2022', its highly-anticipated transformation plan for the next four years centred around a huge investment in its digital presence and the slashing of other costs.

"To become the leader of the food transition for everyone is the aim that Alexandre Bompard (CEO) has set for the Carrefour group," said Laurent Vallée, Carrefour's general secretary and head of quality and food safety. 

"Making use of blockchain technology is an exemplary step in meeting this aim. This is a first in Europe and will provide consumers with guaranteed complete transparency as far as the traceability of our products is concerned."