Shahar Markovitch on El Al Israel Airlines ‘digital transformation into a ‘Smart Airline’


|Aug 7|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 07/08//2019)

El Al Israel Airlines features in this month’s Business Chief MEA magazine.

Shahar Markovitch, Chief Digital and Information Officer, El Al Israel says that there are two key disruptions in the airline industry today.

The first is “the digital airline, which is a combination of both new business models like the low-cost carrier model with new open sky regulation” and secondly, he adds, “the customer is becoming more digital.”

To meet these disruptions head on, Markovitch shares that “EL AL’s overall goal is to be the smartest airline for the startup nation.”

There are many aspects to what constitutes a “smart airline,” and “smart travel.” Markovitch shares one feature: “a key component of a ‘smart airline’ is the ability to leverage AI, machine learning and analytics to improve the airline with the extracted data.”

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