PERI features in the Africa edition of Business Chief Magazine


|Aug 10|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 10/08/2018)

Bringing profound knowledge and innovative construction solutions, PERI looks to navigate the digital revolution of South Africa’s construction industry.

The largest manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding, PERI, seeks to enable contractors in the construction space to complete their projects faster, more efficiently and safely.

Leading this vision is Willem Adriaan Brits, Director of Engineering,  and he recognizes that in order to achieve this, the industry must better embrace technology and innovation.

“The key thing for us in improving constructability is to build information and wider access to that information,” he says. “What it boils down to is creating access to people on construction sites and seeing 3D designs with live documentation, live design guides, design manuals etc.

“This will make it more effective, more efficient and easier. That’s what we do, we shoulder customer problems through digital construction solutions and a more modern thinking approach to construction.”

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