Evobits features exclusively in the Europe edition of Business Chief


|Jul 13|magazine2 min read

(Norwich, UK, 13/07/2018) – Following a shift towards hosting sites and data centres for the crypto mining world, Evobits I.T. looks set to capture the European market.

In recent years, the eyes of the world have turned towards cryptocurrency, and in turn crypto mining. More and more organisations are investing money into blockchain, bitcoin and other forms of digital currencies, but this is still a relatively unknown realm.

This is where Evobits Information Technology SRL comes in. Created in 2014 on the back of a spike in demand for cryptocurrencies, Evobits IT worked primarily in programming the systems and solutions behind cryptocurrencies.

“We created different cryptocurrencies for clients and different software for cryptocurrency miners,” says Silviu C. Balaci, CEO of Evobits IT.

“But last year the company evolved and Evobits IT branched into the actual mining of cryptocurrency itself but doing it a little differently.”

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