AXA International and New Markets – Customer-focused Tech and Data transformation across the globe


|Aug 7|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 07/08/2019)

AXA Group serves an abundance of markets around the world, and applying an effective, group-wide digital transformation strategy throws up an array of challenges. Set up to facilitate the transformation of entities across emerging and developing markets, AXA International and New Markets (AXA INM) is zeroing-in on the needs of individual territories to assess their specific needs and develop an appropriate, tailored strategy for innovation.

Kuldeep Kaushik, Chief Operating Officer at AXA INM, says this approach is not only vital to success. “There’s a significant amount of Transformation to deliver across the 20-25 entities,” says Kaushik in his interview with Business Chief Europe magazine. “We have very different maturity levels across the businesses and very different technology landscapes as well. Part of my role is evaluating each of those entities and defining programmes which are specific to their maturity, business strategy, and needs and capabilities.”

Whether it be regulatory, infrastructural, or a case of technological maturity, AXA INM is tackling the challenges presented in a considered and effective manner. For details on the technologies and strategies being deployed in territories ranging from Poland to Saudi Arabia to Malaysia and beyond, the full interview can be found in the August issue of Business Chief Europe.