Abu Dhabi University’s technology transformation features in Business Chief and Gigabit magazines


|Dec 7|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 07/12/2018)

Abu Dhabi University has always placed student satisfaction at the forefront, and its ongoing technology transformation is no different.

In an exclusive feature published in the December issues of Gigabit Magazine and the Middle East edition of Business Chief, Director of IMTS (Information Management & Technology Services) Joseph Aninias discusses the university’s commitment to its students and how it is improving the overall experience on campus through digitalisation.

An important part of this journey has been centralisation, as Aninias explains: “There are so many piecemeal technologies spread all across departments… one project I’m working on is to develop the centralised portal for the university.” The portal will include all the information necessary on a user-friendly interface which works across any device.

For Aninias, a positive experience on campus is vital to a rounded education, and this is important to the future not just of individuals, but of the wider community and country. “If you put yourself in a student’s shoes, what they’re learning for those first four years is just a foundation,” he explains. “The services we offer should be aligned with what’s going on in the outside world so we can prepare students for the challenges of adulthood.”

You can read more about ADU’s digital transformation in the magazine.