Life after oil and a Minister for Happiness - UAE Prime Minister takes to Twitter

Nye Longman
|Feb 9|magazine4 min read

In a somewhat interesting turn, UAE’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced that the country will be creating a ministerial position for ensuring the happiness of citizens while announcing the privatisation and restructuring of some state assets.

He took to twitter to make the announcements following his appearance at the World Government Summit being hosted by the emirate. He also said that some government ministries would be merged and others privatised.

The tweets didn’t offer a time-frame for when the plans would be implemented. Another new position, the Minister of Tolerance, will be tasked with making the country into an exemplar of this value.

The government has approved, among many changes, restructuring the Ministry of Health to what will now be known as the Ministry of Health and Prevention - which will not only manage public hospitals but will also work towards preventative public health measures.

Another interesting development was the restructuring of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, which is now known as the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future – a department tasked with preparing the country for a future not reliant on oil.

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