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Tony McKenna on mental health in the workplace

Tony McKenna, Head of IT, Howard Kennedy, shares his passion as an advocate for promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

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Tony McKenna
Howard Kennedy

Head of IT

Tony McKenna has spent the past decade working on change technologies as a Director in leading law firms across Britain. Prior to that he honed his skills and knowledge for 20 years in the utilities sector. A specialist in advancing business through technology, McKenna is also an emphatic proponent of work life balance and an advocate for promoting positive mental health in the workplace. During just a short period at Howard Kennedy, he has already set this in motion a number of tech-enabled initiatives to enhance the mental health of colleagues working from home. 

“We’ve used some of our technology to create things like coffee roulette, a way of matching people in the business to just have a 15 minute coffee and chat on Teams and mimic that social side you have in the office. That’s been super successful,” he says.  

An office booking and people management app developed by Jonathan Freedman, Head of Technology and Security at Howard Kennedy, has also played a role. “We developed the app really early on when the first lockdown was announced, and it gives us the ability to allow colleagues to come in and meet for really specific things,” he says. "That again is centred around addressing mental health issues. We’ve got a lot of people who live in central London in multi-tenanted houses, and they need to get out. Being able to get out of their building, walk to the office and be there safely is a real benefit in terms of mental health. These things have really landed well.”

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