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Team player draws on global experience

Abdallah Nassar’s global experience covers the Pacific, Middle East & Africa, providing deep knowledge of telecom tech solutions

Abdallah Nassar
Orange Cameroon

Director of Engineering and Network Development

Much like the Orange global network, Abdallah Nassar’s experience is broad, covering the Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and possesses wide knowledge of telecom technology solutions. 

Since 2018, he has been Director of Engineering and Network Development at Orange Cameroon – aiming to continue his carrier with Orange by hitting hire levels.

Abdallah likes to be involved in each and every discussion, describing himself as ‘hands-on’ and a team player. “I share my experience. If my team is not developing, I cannot develop myself. Developing the team is the main goal for me, because once you have all this concept in place, you’ll see the results in your work.”

He says Orange Cameroon is almost equal in market share and “moving quickly to get to number one spot”. Orange has been operating in Cameroon since early 2000, initially with 2G and 3G licences, and received its 4G licence in 2018.

Orange Cameroon is not so much an operator, it’s a “foundation,” he adds. “We play a major role in the development of the country. Our foundation is very well known and we are contributing to Cameroon’s education, health and professional development.”

His expertise extends to business case analysis with financial KPIs like NPV, IRR, ROI and Payback periods, and he is skilled in analysing financial returns, CAPEX and OPEX impact on cash forecasting and tracking. 



I am ‘hands-on’ and a team player, and I do share my experience. If my team is not developing, I cannot develop myself

Abdallah Nassar | Orange Cameroon

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