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Shoyinka Shodunke: leadership and strategy

Shoyinka Shodunke, Director of Technology at Vodafone Ghana, on the evolution of his leadership style and Vodafone Ghana’s strategic pillars

Shoyinka Shodunke
Vodafone Ghana

Director of Technology

Shoyinka Shodunke is Director of Technology for Vodafone Ghana. With a wealth of technological experience, he previously worked at MTN in various roles across Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda and Cameroon before moving into his current role in March 2020. 

“My leadership style has been dictated by the industries I’ve found myself in and the role I’ve played,” explains Shodunke. “My role at the moment is primarily driven by the technology trends and my role is mainly transformational so it’s important I’m properly aligned to the demands of the market and the objectives of the organisation itself. This means it’s essential to have daily alignment of the overall strategy and ensuring whatever is happening that you’re on track.”

Shodunke explains that his firm has established three core, strategic pillars to base operations around as Vodafone Ghana seeks to transform from a traditional telco to a digital organisation. “One of those pillars is culture and how we behave on a daily basis,” says Shodunke. “Secondly, we have to ensure that we’re building platforms that are transformative. Lastly, we’re driving differentiation from unique capabilities that are developed in-house via software engineering.” 

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The pandemic has accelerated everyone’s planning to attain that digitalisation and it came at a time where we were ready in terms of the practices we already had in place

Shoyinka Shodunke | Vodafone Ghana