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Jan Hruska, CTO O2 Czech Republic

His broad range of experience ensures he can interconnect the commercial and technological sides of the business

Jan Hruska
O2 Czech Republic


Jan Hruska graduated in Computer Science at Charles University in Prague in 1994. After 8 years in management consulting, he moved to Telefonica O2 Czech Republic.

Within his 15 years with Telefonica, and later O2 Czech Republic, Jan held many positions, such as Fixed-Mobile convergence program manager, E-shop manager, Director for distribution strategy and sales performance, Fixed services marketing director. 

In his current role of CTO – which started in February 2018 – he is responsible for IT, Network and Product Management areas. Jan’s latest focus is fixed wireless internet, modernizing IT architecture, simplification of product portfolio and customer serving processes, and overseeing agile change delivery. 

Such broad experience enables him to inter-connect the commercial and technological sides of the business. Most recently, he is managing the IT transformation into modern architecture, cloud infrastructure, and devops, and preparing for the imminent roll-out of 5G services across the Czech Republic. 

He is passionate about delivering results and inspiring and leading teams to success.



The trend that can be seen is that the time for delivering changes is shortening, you have a smaller window of opportunity

Jan Hruska | O2 Czech Republic

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