BH Telecom's Adnan Huremovic on his leadership philosophy

Adnan Huremovic, CTO at BH Telecom details his leadership philosophy and the impact of COVID-19

Adnan Huremovic
BH Telecom

CTO at BH Telecom

Part of the BH Telecom journey for over 16 years, Adnan Huremovic joined the company as an Associate for Access Networks and steadily worked his way up to his current role as Chief Technology Officer in 2018. “The telecommunications field was my primary professional interest when I started,” he explains. “From my first role when I was working in infrastructure, then later to project planning and finally as a board member. My life and career are connected to communications.” 

Earning an MSc in Telecommunication in 2003 and a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2015, Huremovic possesses a wide range of knowledge on the subject, augmenting his already rich experience gained from BH Telecom. A true expert in his field, Huremovic has maintained a relationship with his alma mater - the University of Sarajevo - as an academic and teacher, which, he states, continues to shape his approach to the CTO role at BH Telecom. “On one side, I have the opportunity to share ideas and my practical and business-related knowledge with future engineers. On the other, the students of the telecoms department are potential future employees.” 

Huremovic’s passion for the telecoms sector is obvious; it is something which permeates his actions and thoughts and provides a source of constant engagement. “There's always a lot to learn in this field,” he states. My impression is that, if you don't keep pace with technology’s application to new processes, all previous experience is rendered insignificant after awhile.”

It is, perhaps, his careful attention to innovation and the pursuit of the latest developments which informs Huremovic’s philosophy of leadership the most. “I think that visibly rewarding employee efforts on project innovation is something that is constantly required, especially for our younger colleagues. It's very important to set new goals and provide them with appreciation and feedback when a job is done well. I believe that motivation is crucial for an effective workplace.” Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic provided an operational challenge, Huremovic states that the company recognised it as an opportunity to prove its mettle. “Interestingly, we didn’t experience many problems or delays as far as technology development was concerned. I believe that this crisis actually motivated our employees to demonstrate that BH Telecom is something people can rely on.” 

One of the most striking things about Huremovic is clear identification with the mission and values of his company and his dedication to achieving them. “BH Telecom puts great significance on the liability of all our services. This is known by our customers too. Therefore, everyone can be assured that our services work because we are a publicly owned company: our values are not solely oriented to profit; our vision is the prosperity of all society.” The fact that BH Telecom is also the number one provider in B&H is highly significant for him and it is a status which he is personally dedicated to maintaining. “Since I started working here, BH Telecom has been the biggest operator and has kept that position in a very dynamic market. Most importantly, the company has managed to adapt and keep evolving. I think our goal of staying ‘number one’ is very important.”



Since I started working here, BH Telecom has been the biggest operator and has kept that position in a very dynamic market, most importantly, the company has managed to adapt and keep evolving. I think our goal of staying ‘number one’ is very important

Adnan Huremovic | BH Telecom

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