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Andy Green, Senior Director Software Go-To-Market, NTT

Green discusses the fourth industrial revolution and technology’s enduring power to positively transform business operations

Andy Green
NTT Ltd.

Senior Director Software Go-To-Market

Joining Dimension Data (now part of NTT Ltd.) in March 2018, Andy Green, Senior Director Software Go-To-Market, brought on board to lead and accelerate the transition of vendor solutions from hardware to software, predominantly driven by Cisco’s own transformation - a company with which NTT shares a significant history and mission. 

Managing this process in European countries, Green brings his considerable expertise and industry knowledge, gained from previous roles at Cisco, among others, to bear on a company that he describes as truly unique from competitors in the space. “Over time, NTT Ltd. has acquired over 31 companies, each an expert in their respective areas. Not only do we have application development capabilities, but we also own physical data centres and core wide area network infrastructure. NTT has become a one-stop shop for any IT requirement.” 

A Nottingham Trent University (2004 to 2007) alumnus, where he earned a BA in Business Information Systems, Green relates that his enduring interest in technology began while he was a teenager working at his father’s retail shop. It was also here that he learned to combine practical knowledge with sales technique, something which has also become a mainstay in his professional career. “When I was at university, it was a very different world to the one we live in today. However, it definitely gave me a very strong grounding in understanding how business can start using IT to make everything work better.”

NTT’s tech transformation journey has been crucial to its current success and ongoing projects, and Green is quick to narrow down how its evolution has affected three key aspects: the customer experience, the employee experience and finally digital transformation itself. “Digital transformation feeds into the other two, but it’s primarily looking at how we interact with our clients, employees and the entire supply chain. Generally, when you look at all of these, you will see that there is an application at the core.” Optimal application performance is, in Green’s view, going to be indispensable when it comes to fulfilling the promise of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Reflecting on general adaptation to accommodate Industry 4.0 in the European region he oversees, Green observes some fundamentally cultural misalignment that still needs to be addressed. “Looking at Europe, I think businesses [in the UK] are slightly behind the curve in terms of its reliance on traditional industries across the country. There needs to be greater alignment between these traditional corporates, startups, universities, venture funds, and governments in order to do the research and develop. That will lead to additional capabilities from a digital platform perspective. We also need to bear in mind that the fourth industrial revolution is, first and foremost, a business model change and not just a technology change.”



Generally, when you look at [customer experience, employee experience and digital transformation], you will see that there is an application at the core

Andy Green | NTT Ltd.

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