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The 3P approach

Josephin Galla, MD, SAP South East Europe and Ukraine, explains why platform, people and policy must be at the centre of any transformation

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Josephin Galla
SAP South East Europe

Managing Director

“Governments know they must foucs on three key areas: platform, people and policy. We all know that cloud deployments are the future but a cloud strategy must come first. This is true for private corporations, as much as for governments. With RISE with SAP, we will always start with conducting a business-process review and, if necessary, redesigning processes with the help of our Business Process Intelligence solutions.”

“You must take a platform decision. You must ask yourself, what the right platform is for you. Then you need to take a look at your people. Are they trained? Are they in the right mindset? Without talent, everything you do is in vain. So you need the right people that can work with the right platform.

“Finally, you need to have the right framework. And that's where I come from a policy point of view, having the right legislative approach from the government, as much as your own code of conduct. For example, SAP takes huge pride doing compliant business. This is our framework, which enables us to attract the right people that are then obviously working on the right platforms. So for me, those are the three guiding principles that you must always keep in mind: platform, people and policy.”

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Josephin Galla | SAP South East Europe