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Turkey strikes deal with Airbus for $7bn supply of aircraft parts by 2030

Johan De Mulder
|Jan 26|magazine4 min read

The Turkish government's defense arm has agreed a long-term supplier contract with Airbus worth $7bn.

French manufacturing giant Airbus will utilise Turkey's production, engineering and services resources in a deal that could extend to 2030, reports the Daily Sabah.

Ismail Demir, representing the Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries (SSM), sat alongside Airbus' Chief Human Resources Officer to announce the agreement in Istanbul.

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Airbus will purchase components worth $2bn before 2020, with a further $5bn worth of spending set as a target over the subsequent decade. Both civilian and military aircraft are included in the deal.

Turkey's national carrier, Turkish Airlines, signed a preliminary contract with Airbus last month for the potential order of 25 of its A350-900 aircraft.

"This is our commitment to Airbus," said Demir. "We will talk about business opportunities together.

"The SSM and Airbus have worked together on many successful programs until now and we had many business collaborations with Airbus. It will continue like this in the future."