[Infographic] Key Marketing Dates that could Make or Break Retailers in 2015

Annifer Jackson
|Jan 27|magazine4 min read

A retailer’s year can be made or broken by the successes and failures on key marketing dates spread across the next 12 months.

From the madness of Black Friday before Christmas to the appreciation shown by millions on Mothers’ and Fathers’ day, the year is scattered with prime opportunities to gain a spike in revenues.

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With this in mind Premierline has compiled an infographic calendar for retailers in 2015, charting the most important shopping days of the year.

The 2015 retailer calendar is designed to enable you to prepare specific retail promotions to help you engage with your customers, motivate your staff, plan your stock in preparation for specific seasonal events and get more involved in your local community.


See the infographic below to see which days could make or break 2015. 

To download these dates to your diary visit: http://www.premierline.co.uk/knowledgecentre/blog/2015/1/2015-events-calendar-for-uk-retailers

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