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Bosch opens €6mn Jucu training centre, building further in Romania

Johan De Mulder
|Oct 11|magazine4 min read

Bosch has opened its new €6mn training centre for advanced technologies in Jucu, Romania.

The German engineering giant is doing its bit to help train the next generation of industry workers in the eastern European country with the opening of the centre next to its automotive electronic components factory.

Bosch is a significant jobs provider in Romania, where it employs 3,200 people and turns over €270mn worth of revenues.

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Cluj County is also the site for Bosch's IT centre focused on research and development, which it opened in 2015, and one of its automotive plants.

“We had very good experiences in Romania so far and we offer fantastic career opportunities for the most brilliant minds in the country,” Roman Sellin, director of the R&D centre, said previously.

The company recently announced plans to move to different offices in Timisoara, where it has rented four floors of new office space in the yet-to-be-developed ISHO building, while it is also intent on opening a washing machine factory in Simeria.