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Amazon Business expands presence in Europe by launching on France platform

Johan De Mulder
|Feb 7|magazine4 min read

Amazon Business has been launched on the e-commerce giant's French platform, the latest stage of its global expansion.

By being hosted on amazon.fr, Amazon Business is now available in three European countries - the United Kingdom and Germany as well as France - and also the United States, Japan and India.

The service, which offers business users a number of incentives to purchase essentials from Amazon and its Marketplace, has accumulated 90,000 customers since its inception in April last year.

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"The launch of Amazon Business on amazon.fr enables multi-national businesses with entities in Europe to continue to streamline their purchasing," said Bill Burkland, Head of Amazon Business, Amazon.co.uk.

Incentives on the platform include free one-day delivery plus search and filter features that allows customers to quickly find offers from Amazon and Marketplace who display net prices and make VAT-exclusive invoices automatically available for download on the customer's account.

Earlier this week, Amazon reached an agreement with the French government to pay €200mn in back taxes from earnings made between 2006 and 2010.